Rubber Wheels( neoprene)

Rubber contact wheels come in many hardnesses to fit a variety of grinding and finishing needs. They can be Hard for aggressive cutting with coarse grit belts; Medium for a good balance of cutting and operator comfort; or they can be soft for fine finishing with fine grit abrasive belts. The face of rubber wheels can be shaped to aid in polishing recesses and radii.

Some common durometers are:

  • 90 - hard
  • 70- medium
  • 50- soft

Rubber wheels can also be serrated to increase cut rate and to increase belt life.

Rubber Contact wheels are categorized by size:

SMALL RUBBER WHEELS are 5" or less in diameter with shaft and bearing included. Must specify HDBJ, 30MT or 30ML shaft type when ordering.

LARGE RUBBER WHEELS are over 5" in diameter and have a 1 " arbor hole. Do not come with Hub/shaft.

Rubber wheels are ordered by stating their dimensions ( OD x width), rubber hardness and face style ( Diameter x width , 50/70/90 durometer, serrated or plain face).

URETHANE: similar to standard Large and Small neoprene. Not available in Serrated. Price multiplier is 1.5.